Wrap Yourself In God's Love


Are you in need of a rest? Are you feeling broken and disillusioned? Wrap yourself up in the comfort of God's love and faithfulness to you. He promises to make something new of you. He'll breathe fresh life into your weary soul. And he'll help you separate your self-sins from your divine purpose.

Don't worry about forward movement while you are resting. Learn the essentials of rest and trust in His timeline, and one day you'll step into the best of what God has for you.

It's a moment by moment walk of faith and grace. We follow the Sheperd one sanctified step at a time. He leads us to high places and transforms us as we go.

While we are resting, while we're learning, we are growing. Getting to the high ground is such a beautiful place to be. Create a sacred place to rest and lean on Jesus.

With Love,

Kimberly, Cathy & The Leadership Team


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