We Are In This Together!


Ladies, we are in this together. We're all in different stages and phases of growth and development, but we are all precious to God. We are all a work in progress, all engaged in the priceless work of the Kingdom.⠀⠀

Do remember that what we notice in others is something that we already possess to some degree, or at least have the potential to, both positively and negatively.⠀⠀

When we refuse the weakness and pettiness of a jealous spirit and instead rise up as co-laborers tending to a greater cause then our momentary selfish whims, the enemy is the one who gets blindsided.⠀⠀

When we come together, refusing to let pettiness divide us, he cannot tell where you end and I begin. All he can see is an unbeatable army! Together we can.⠀

With Love,

Kimberly, Cathy & The Leadership Team