The Righteous Belong To God


Someone once said, people will cheer you on as you attempt to climb a mountain, but they are more than happy to shoot you down once you reach the top. Do I really want to step out in faith with all my baggage? What if I dishonor God? What if I suffer public humiliation?

When I finally admit my unreasonable fear to friends they sometimes look at me like I'm an alien. "What are you talking about?" "You may live cleaner than anyone else around." "What's to expose", they may ask me? "Why are you listening to the enemy's threats?"

Sometimes a weird look from a friend is a gift straight from heaven. God may use friends to make us aware of boulders buried deep in our hearts. A Boulder that can squish the life out of the seeds that are planted there. A Boulder He intended to dig up.

God exposes the wicked. He protects, defends, and vindicates the righteous. Not because they're perfect but because they belong to Him. And you are His.

With Love,

Kimberly, Cathy & The Leadership Team