Learn To Rest In The Lord


A time of rest is not typically a welcoming place for most of us. When God seemingly sets us aside for a period of time, it feels more like He's decided not to use us. We may view this season as a dismissal instead of a divine appointment. Though it feels otherwise, this season in our lives is an important part of a forward-moving process. It rarely starts out feeling like a welcoming rest.

Maybe the season is better defined as "overlooked" or "out to pasture" or "God lost my address" or "Uh, hello? I thought we had a good thing going." More often than not, we either land in this season kicking and screaming or we find ourselves dead on arrival.

But either way, the intended outcome here is that we learn to rest in the Lord, learn to trust in His timing, give Him access to our character, and we come out the other side renewed, leaning on the arm of our Beloved.

With Love,

Kimberly, Cathy & The Leadership Team


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