Our God Is A God Of Limitless Supply


We cannot comprehend the Kingdom power we activate when we pray for a co-laborer in Christ, especially one we are tempted to be jealous of. After I've interceded for my sister and fellow servant, I then ask God; "is there something you've given her that you also want to impart to me?" and then I listened for a while.

You can't imagine the kind of hope and faith this inspires! I can think of one woman I regularly pray for because she possesses something that makes me stand up and pay attention. She oozes the love of God and the power of the gospel like not too many other women I have met, and I love that about her. The Kingdom of God advances daily because of her.

Nothing in me is jealous of her, but do you think I want what she has? You bet I do!

I pray for her as my co-laborer in Christ, and then I look to God that I may lay hold of that very Kingdom conviction for which Christ has also apprehended me. I celebrate her in my prayers and I'm happy for her and expectant for me.

With Love,

Kimberly, Cathy & The Leadership Team