Jesus Cheers For Us


Jesus cheers for us every single day. He intercedes on our behalf. He sees us without a hint of stain or sin.

Jesus is profoundly dear to the Father's heart because he endured hell to keep you and I from it. The cross didn't win. Jesus won. And we are the benefactors. Amazing grace.

We really have no comprehension of just how secure we are in Christ. Oh, may we grasp how strong our position is in Him! Look at these words from an old hymn by W.N Tomkins, it captures this beautifully:

Rest my blessed savior first, take Him from God's esteem; Prove Jesus bears one spot of sin, Then tell me I'm unclean.

In modern-day language, this verse declares: "You want to accuse me? Well, you have to go through my Savior first I dare you to try and take Him away from His Father's loving affections. You'll never succeed. I dare you to find one spot or stain on my pure and spotless Lamb of God. You can't, can you? Since you can't find a spot on him, you'll not find a spot on me!"

May we each walk in a whole new assurance of the finished work of Christ. When He said, "It is finished!" He meant it. Praise God.

Keep walking. Keep trusting. Keep declaring the promises of God over your life.

With Love,

Kimberly, Cathy & The Leadership Team