God's Abundant Love


God's love and abundant- life promise is true, do not relent when it comes to the things in your life that trip you up again and again. Pray. Repent of your sin. Renounce your attachment to it. Renew your resolve to walk freely with Christ. And then do the same tomorrow if you have to.

Walk on until you walk free. You can't lose with Jesus on your side. Jesus used the cross, a place of utter shame and public humiliation, to display His love and power for mankind. He turned the tables on the enemy.

Because of Him, we can now redefine our circumstances. We can stand against the enemy's threats, taunts, and accusations and actually bring dignity, honor, and power to our places of struggle. We can walk humbly and boldly because the power of the Living God is mightily at work within us.

With Love,

Kimberly, Cathy & The Leadership Team