God Parts The Waters When We Need It


Often times I bring different opportunities before the Lord and ask for His direction, and more often than not He seems to direct me forward, to take on more commitments than my personal inclinations would have allowed...

But each time I stepped forward in utter faith, he met me, strengthened me, showed up, and worked wonders through me. Just when I thought I had the whole personal boundary thing figured out, he blew it to smithereens. One way or another I had to learn to trust him more than my past experiences, and even more than my wisely gained logic.

God parts the waters when we need it. He provides strength when we need it. He opens doors for us to meet with people when we need them. He supplies all of our needs. God changes lives.

Don't get distracted, enjoy the wind at your back! Don't get tangled up in the affairs of this world. Involve yourself in God's best for your life, don't involve yourself in time-sucking commitments. Don't loosen your grip on the Almighty because you're not aware of your desperate need for him. Cling to Him and His promises for your life. Run your appointed race during the special time of favor God has for you in this life. Give what you have and God will do what He does.

With Love,

Kimberly, Cathy & The Leadership Team


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