God Has A Promise In This Place For Us!


God has a promise in this place for us! Imagine not only stewarding well the gifts you see in others, but also walking in a whole new level of faith and expectancy! God has a desire for us here, but remember, so does the devil.

Someone once said that both God and the devil have a plan for our lives. And we are the ones who cast the deciding vote.

We are all different, but the enemy's tactics are the same. What stirs up a little jealousy in you may not do the same for me. We have different bents, different desires. When you and I walk closely with the Lord, our desires become purer, our goals clearer. When faced with the opportunity to be jealous or envious, we can step back and see things from God's perspective.

Even though the devil wants us to fixate on what we are missing out on, God wants our hearts to open up and see all of the blessings we do enjoy and all we've yet to possess in Him.

With Love,

Kimberly, Cathy & The Leadership Team