Courageous and Called Women


You and I each have a significant-big picture call on our lives, one that God appointed to us before we were born. And a central part of that appointed purpose is the daily call of surrender and obedience.

Courageous and called women invite God to divinely interrupt our day so that we can participate in His everyday miracles. Our life purpose is to be used for His Kingdom purposes.

Sometimes we get to see the significant role we play in God's story. It's because we dared to step out and engage in a need, someone gets saved, or healed, or restored in some way.

Maybe we have the privilege of partnering with God to deliver somebody's groceries, a family in need, or to pray with someone whose marriage is in trouble and then we see God miraculously restore their marriage. Those are the times that remind us how important our obedience is in the whole scheme of things.

With Love,

Kimberly, Cathy & The Leadership Team