Awaiting God's Timing


We often wonder why God put a desire in our hearts only to delay its fulfillment.

When we've got fuel to burn, the passion bursting inside us, the waiting, training, refining and discipline, all seem like a huge waste of precious time.

Movement wakes us up, right? So why all of the sudden has God slowed down the process? This is an important question, one we must not pass over. The thing is, we do have a free will. We are free to run ahead, to manipulate opportunities, and to make things happen in a more efficient timeline if we wish to go that route.

But God's process dwarfs ours every day of the week. It takes maturity and humility to first awaken to God's desire and then to humbly await His timing. But, this wise and purpose training process, strengthens and prepares us to last long and finish strong.

With Love,

Kimberly, Cathy & The Leadership Team