Allow God To Do His Work Through You


Imagine yourself in the near future, walking in a new level of conviction, holy confidence, boldness, and passion. Imagine yourself embracing the days with greater clarity and purpose, choosing more carefully where you put your time because you're convinced more than ever that your life matters.

God will do this work in you to the extent that you entrust yourself to Him.

Eric Ludy wrote this: called... Wrestling Prayer;

There is absolutely no excuse to stay where you are right now. If you are weak, He can make you strong. If you are timid, He can make you brave. If you are a pervert, He can make you pure. If you are selfish, He can make you selfless. If you are a shepherd, He can make you a king. If you are mediocre, He can make you a Mighty One of valor.

With Love,

Kimberly, Cathy & The Leadership Team


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