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Dear Tiara Group Leaders


While it is our goal at Women World Leaders to reach the entire globe, highlighted in "pink", for our Lord, we cannot do it alone. We need your help. We need women leaders everywhere, who are willing to encourage other ladies and empower them into finding their beautiful purpose God has just for them.

At our global office, we will provide assistance to our Tiara Group leaders as needed. You are not in this alone. We will encourage and empower you in a beautiful way while you are helping to serve others by opening your home or church or office for women. Being a committed leader in these meetings is a beautiful way to serve our King.

We have everything necessary to help you get started in our start up package including phone assisted personal coaching as needed. We have a wonderful outreach program set in place that is geared for women of all ages. It's easy, it's rewarding and you can be a blessing to so many women who wish to gather together in the name of Jesus. God can use you to lead others into finding their value and personal ability to do a mighty work in this world for the Kingdom of God. Would you prayerfully consider joining our team and blessing others? If yes....

Let’s Get Started.