Kerri Bridges, Sisterhood


Women World Leaders has been an answer to my prayers, literally. Being far from home and missing the lifelong friendships I have with my sisters, I prayed that God would bring into my life some amazing sisters in Christ. Not long after, my husband and I met Kimberly and her husband, Ken, and a fast friendship was formed. From that connection came many other wonderful women of God whom I've come to hold very dear. When I see their beautiful faces, my face lights up, and my heart is full. I've never found such dear kinship before outside of my close family. This ministry and group of women have been an incredible blessing in my life and I am grateful for the God-gift they are to me.

Kerri Bridges
Worship Leader, WWL™ Leadership Team


“Let your testimony be a beacon of hope, love, comfort, and encouragement for those who feel hopeless, unloved and alone.”