Cathy Hamilton, Making An Impact


As I have been going through many changes in my life in the last few years, I have learned to lean on God and not on my own understanding. In return, He has stretched me, grown my faith and focused my trust in Him alone. He has brought people, events, ideas, revelations and signs from the Holy Spirit to give me direction and a glimmer of purpose. He’s given me patience as He’s put the pieces together. I didn’t know how it was all going to come together nor did I have any specifics, but in trusting Him I felt like I was walking on a cloud of elation knowing it was coming.  


As I continued to pray, some doors were closing and new ones were opening, but I didn’t feel completely in place, until Kimberly Hobbs and I had lunch one day and we both felt God was doing something exciting, but neither of us knew what the other had been facing, feeling or believing. We shared how we were stepping out in faith as others were moving into our sphere simultaneously. Everything she shared sent shivers through me as I sat quietly and patiently listening to every word and I felt a calm and complete peace as she drew to the end of her purpose for our meeting. Everything Kimberly said to me resonated because it was all part of what I had been writing down in notes and prayers for months and what God had shown me He was preparing me for years, decades!  

My biggest concern was how could I contribute when I was still so bogged down by the details of my life that had been imploding, but God my Abba Father made it clear He would direct me, help me and bless me. He has met every promise! Each woman on our leadership team and many women who’ve attended our WWL gatherings have echoed this same narrative.  

Purpose? Yes! We are women who are destined to be world leaders for Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior and we may not see the reality of what that truly means at this moment, but it is so exciting to see it unfold in us and through us. The prayer and support of each woman for another is such an encouragement for the long haul.  

We are Women World Leaders and it is a phenomenal time to be God’s chosen women! We have witnessed miracles, salvation, opened hearts, minds and souls. I have found women after my own heart and I adore them all. I have no doubt that God is with us. We have power and it’s easier to remember that in the company of such spiritual, Godly and humble women. I am so thankful for this living, breathing, organism God has breathed into life through us all and I am so so excited to see where each step takes us by faith and into the unknown. 

Cathy Hamilton
Outreach Leader, WWL™ Leadership Team


“Let your testimony be a beacon of hope, love, comfort, and encouragement for those who feel hopeless, unloved and alone.”