Cara Marchesani, Identity In Christ


At the beginning of 2017, I was feeling a bit confused. I didn’t know where my life was headed, if I was even meant to stay in Florida or go pursue opportunities elsewhere. I didn’t have peace about those opportunities and, in some cases, the doors ended up closing any way. I felt I was “stuck” here.


I decided to tell God that He was enough for me and I would enjoy Him and the gifts He had given me here in Florida, even though I didn’t see opportunities here, but I would trust Him to bring all things about in His timing. I prayed and asked Him for Christian community, people to worship with, places to serve and use the gifts He gave me. 

I decided to do a forty day prayer challenge where I prayed for these and other things for forty days. Well, day forty ended up being the day of the first Women World Leaders ministry launch and bible study. This group has actually been the answer to (almost) everything I had been praying for on those forty days! God is so good, He has blessed me with so many sisters and mamas in this group, a rich community, ample opportunity to serve and use my passions and hobbies to bless people! 

This amazing community of ladies is available to anyone who wants to join us. Every woman and young lady who has come, has been greatly blessed!

Thank you Jesus!

Cara Marchesani
Worship Leader, WWL™ Leadership Team


“Let your testimony be a beacon of hope, love, comfort, and encouragement for those who feel hopeless, unloved and alone.”