Angie Cortes, Finding Purpose


After moving from New York City to Florida, there were a lot of fears and doubts going on in my life. While in New York, I recall praying and asking God to bring me around strong powerful sisters in christ that would join me in my journey because I didn't have that in New York. 

Going through life alone makes it an easy target for the enemy to attack and discourage you in your weakest times. When I found Women World Leaders, I had to pinch myself. I thought to myself, "Hold on, you mean to say beautiful, strong women that are willing to pray and do life with me, really exist? What a blessing and answer to prayer!


Sharing with other women in WWL showed me God’s love and that I wasn't the only one going through storms alone in life. WWL is beyond women getting together to study God’s word, but it is an environment where God works through us to strengthen, empower and motivate one another. The community of Women World Leaders changed my outlook, purpose and journey! I am reminded daily that I am more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus and He has a great purpose for my life!

Angie Cortes
WWL™ Leadership Team


“Let your testimony be a beacon of hope, love, comfort, and encouragement for those who feel hopeless, unloved and alone.”