Lyra Done , Cancer Survivor


I would like to thank the Women World Leaders for their life changing Bible Studies and words of encouragement that I view from Facebook. Each of us have our own unique struggles in this world. My own was Cancer in 2018-2019. I was stunned when I found out I had Breast Cancer! No one in my family had any cancer that I knew of. The first Chemo was so tough! I literally thought I was dying and begged Jesus to take me home. It wasn't in His plans to take me yet. I have never been so physically weak for so long!


God is real and His power is real and I found comfort in Him. That is why the Women Leaders Group is so important to me. They will give you scripture to be a better, stronger, more at peace You! And they will pray with much love for you. This amazing group piqued my interest when I read words that lifted me up and made me feel stronger knowing God is at the Helm in my life journey! 

This group will use the power of prayer to lift you up. And believe me, there is incredible power in prayer! One leader Kimberly Hobbs prayed for me through my whole journey and I felt the strength though it. I love her and all the christian hearts lifting me up in prayer. What a tremendous blessing! 

We beat ourselves up too much and need to learn God WILL take care of you because He really Loves you like no other! The series we have been studying together at WWL will make your life so much better. You will learn how to go through life the way God wants you to and grow as a Leader among women!

Lyra Done


“Let your testimony be a beacon of hope, love, comfort, and encouragement for those who feel hopeless, unloved and alone.”