Set Apart And Chosen

Set Apart And Chosen


God never reveals His entire plan for our lives. If He did, we would likely be overwhelmed and immediately abort the plan out of fear. Instead, He carefully weaves His plans and our choices together for good. Set Apart and Chosen, God uses ordinary women to do extraordinary things is the intricate look into the lives of twenty extraordinary women who have overcome great odds to walk fully in the gift God has given them. It is said that hindsight is 20/20. We invite you into our lives in hopes that you will gain strength, clarity, courage, and boldness, to step out on faith, claiming everything that God has purposed for your life. The women in this book have discovered, even though they didn’t understand their trials while amidst them, God has now given them great revelation about their gifts and how they are to use what they have overcome to bless the lives of others. Maybe you are in a season of your life where you can’t see your way forward. We invite you to share in our victories, realizing God shows no partiality. If He was gracious enough to see us through, He can and will do it for you.

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Kimberly Hobbs is an author, as well as a faith life coach having a “hearts passion” to encourage and coach others to develop a more POWERFUL, connective relationship with their Creator. She has had interviews with Moody Bible Radio “God at work” and other television appearances sharing her stories and she finds joy in helping others achieve their own relationship with God. She is the co-founder of Women World Leaders, a ministry which empowers Women to find their beautiful purpose which God has designed for them. Kimberly is married and lives in South Florida with her husband, they own and operate their own Financial Coaching Business. Together they share a heart for missions, serving consistently in South Africa. They take teams of people with them each year to introduce them to “serving others” overseas. Kimberly is an established artist with much of her work reaching around the country and across the world. She helps raise support for her mission passion projects and her 138 orphan children she loves through Kerus in S. Africa. Kimberly and her husband together have 3 grown children as well as grandchildren and extended family in the state of Ohio.

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