Fully Alive Session 6

Our meeting on August 5th was inspirational. Women fought the storm to attend and it was a fantastic turnout. God showed His presence to many as we had spiritual breakthroughs and blessings that evening that will have lasting imprints on lives. We invite you to plan for our next monthly gathering - September 9, 2019. This will be our one year celebration of what God has done within Women World Leaders so far. We will have awards of recognition, surprises and fun activities with a time to praise God for a special year that He has provided for us

Please continue to pray for our upcoming Summit. We are praying you will all be moved by God to help with delivering this Summit to women who need "healing" in many ways at the soul level. Lives can be changed forever by your act of invitation. Please remember to do your part and pray daily for this event.

Thank you for all of your prayers, thank you for your support in so many ways as you serve within the group and thank you for your attendance as this group grows in the name of Jesus! We love and appreciate each of you and thank you for being "you" within Women World Leaders!

And our phenomenal photographer : Dawn at Captured Beauty Photography for capturing all our beautiful images.

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