Fully Alive Session 4

Another spectacular meeting took place on May 6th. We are grateful for all the offering of talents and gifts by our women and the love that was poured out on those in attendance. It all came together to deliver connection to so many women who fought the rain to come out and be part of this mission. God is truly blessing this ministry, Wow! We had many new visitors who came and many ladies who fought Miami traffic to reach us, and they all arrived on time! Praise God they see value in this ministry and a purpose to press forward. It was a blessing.

Please continue the beautiful effort of sharing our group with every woman you meet. She needs to feel the love of Jesus and encouragement from people who care, like yourselves. We are receiving continuous, uplifting encouragement through growth, cards, messages, texts and love offerings. All of it encourages us forward by faith for the mission we share together in Jesus Christ. Thank you ladies. To God be the glory.

A special thank you to our phenomenal photographer : Dawn at Captured Beauty Photography for capturing all our beautiful images.